Backup Service Solutions

Why do you need offside backup solutions?

  • A reliable backup strategy is essential to protect one of the most important assets of any business.
  • Very few businesses recover from complete or partial data loss. What would happen to your business if you no longer had access to the data used for its daily operations?
  • Regulatory measures require businesses and individuals to keep certain documents for many years.
  • Protection against the increasing threat of Ransomware where your business’ data is targeted by criminals.

Some of the ways you could lose your data:

Data can unexpectedly be lost in several ways.

  • Theft – unfortunately this happens, and if it does, you will lose everything you had on your computer, server or laptop. Maybe you could redo all your work, but that is time and money. Perhaps you do have backups, but did not back up regularly, leaving a large amount of work unprotected, in turn you fall victim to data loss.
  • Hard drive failure – Great your backing up your data, but without warning your hard drive suddenly fails. Leaving painful loss of months or years of irreplaceable data.
  • Computer/server crashes – this happens when you least expect it, and can bring your business to a standstill because you lost your data or clients data.
  • Computer/Server damage – you dropped your laptop, spilled drinks on your computer or your server falls over (we have seen this, it could happen)
  • Virus infection – Most of the viruses will spread across your network, and could disable your entire network, even if you had backups, aggressive malicious viruses can corrupt those files as well.
  • Human error – we have seen this happen a lot, files can accidentally be deleted.

Why use CJN IT Solutions backup data services?

  • CJN IT Solutions have a proven track record with our customers, with a 100% data / file recovery rate from the onsite backup solutions we have implemented.
  • We use industry-leading products, such as Acronis Backup and Recovery software to ensure that full snapshot backups are done. This backup software solutions, enable us to restore your entire system to different hardware if required.
  • We provide our clients with an effective and secure business data backup strategy as well as a disaster recovery plan.
  • We use reliable backup solutions for servers which encrypts all our clients’ backups to ensure that their data cannot be accessed should the backups fall into the wrong hands.
  • With our data backup services, the systems we put in place are automated and require little to no user intervention.
  • Acronis backup software systems can be easily monitored.
  • We test backups on a regular basis to ensure that the backup files are intact.

CJN IT Solutions provides a complete IT solution, including:

Network design and implementation.

Internet connections, domain, website and email hosting.

Hardware and software upgrades, repairs and sales.

Removal of viruses and malware.

Server support, deployment and related services

Most businesses have mission-critical data which they cannot afford to lose. We formulate and implement comprehensive backup solutions for businesses. Contact us today for more information.

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