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CJN IT Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Accelerate partner. We offer a variety of services to take your business into the cloud. Using Microsoft 365 minimises your onsite hardware costs while maximising employee productivity. Microsoft 365 business allows your organisation to have corporate-level email and collaboration infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. Microsoft 365 allows you to scale according to your organisation’s needs. MS office 365 packages is made available to your users without having to purchase individual packages or licenses.

Microsoft 365 increasingly shapes the way we work and do business. Nowadays more employees spend their time away from the office than was the case a few years ago. Your business needs a workplace that simplify collaboration between your staff, whether they’re working in the office or on the road. Microsoft 365 business offers you everything you need to create that workplace, that is why decision-makers today are choosing Microsoft 365, a secure collaboration solution.

Work, meet and collaborate safely and securely without leaving your home.

Microsoft Teams offers Office apps, file storage and sharing, email, and more.

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What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 is your familiar office you know and love, made available to you in the cloud on a subscription plan that includes access to Office applications as well as other productivity services (cloud services). There are different Microsoft 365 subscription plans to choose from, such as business, home and student and personal.

Microsoft 365 is your complete office in the cloud

Microsoft 365 apps as you have always used them: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher. The difference is that you are now subscribing to Office, allowing you always to get the latest version of Office on your desktop, whether you are online or offline – Office when and where you need it from any device and all your work in one place. Just subscribe and start using, no more concerns about servers or backing up. But Microsoft 365 offers you so much more than only Office apps.

Office with these services and benefits

Productivity cloud services, include business-class Microsoft 365 email, file sharing and video conferencing so that you have access from anywhere to everything you need to run your business. These enterprise-level services are optimised for small to medium businesses, so it’s easy to set up and manage. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need an IT provider anymore. It is our experience that you will need an IT provider now more than ever because it’s always changing and very different.

Why Microsoft 365 is right for your business.

No downtime

Microsoft guaranties a 99.9% uptime as they have a lot of data centers all over the world. If you have an internet connection, you just connect and use it; it will never go down.

Stay competitive

You can now serve your customers effectively with the right business tools and access to your files anytime, anywhere.

Secure and protected data

Your data will be secure, and you’ll be protected against 100% of known viruses, malware, spam (avoid 98% spam), theft, etc.

Stay connected no matter what

Microsoft Teams allows you to connect with HD video conferencing to reduce travel time and costs and join meetings from any device. See your employee’s presence whether they’re in the office, on a call, in a meeting, etc.

More productive

The latest full version of Office available on all your devices. Use on up to 5 devices. Access your files wherever you go, even offline. It will automatically re-sync any changes once you go online again.

Collaborate more effectively

Get work done quickly by collaboratively working on files with employees, partners and clients using real-time updates in Office online. You can see changes being made as they happen, making sure everyone stays on the same page as your ideas develop and evolve.

SAVE COSTS while growing your business

As the needs of your business change, scale the tools and services to fit your current needs without the cost of new software or servers. Small to medium business can now get enterprise-level storage and productivity without the usual high costs. Microsoft 365 plans and pricing gives your business flexible subscription payments that lower up-front costs.

Choosing the right Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is very scalable and can support a business from 1 – 50 000+ users:


Microsoft 365 business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

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Businesses that need easy remote solutions with Microsoft Teams,  secure cloud storage and Office Online (Desktop versions not included).

  1. Premium Office apps: Web and Mobile versions: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  2. Secure cloud services: Exchange, OneDrive (1TB Storage), Teams, SharePoint.
  3. Email & Calendaring: 50GB mailbox & custom domain name.
  4. File storage & sharing: 1 TB of OneDrive.
  5. Security & Compliance.

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Microsoft 365 business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

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Businesses that need full remote work & collaboration tools with Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, business email & premium Office apps.

  1. Premium Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC only), Publisher (PC only).
  2. Web & Mobile apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.
  3. Secure cloud services: Exchange, OneDrive (1TB Storage), Teams, SharePoint.
  4. Business Email & Calendaring: 50GB mailbox & custom domain name.
  5. Security & Compliance.
  6. Tools to build & manage your business.

Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 Apps for business

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Businesses that need Office apps + cloud file-storage. Business email & Microsoft Teams not included.

  1. Premium Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access (PC only), Publisher (PC only).
  2. Web & Mobile apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.
  3. Secure cloud services: OneDrive (1 TB Storage).
  4. Security & Compliance.

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Microsoft 365 Packages

CJN IT Solutions provides a complete IT solution which encompasses all your IT needs, including:

Network design and implementation.

Internet connections, domain, website and email hosting.

Hardware and software upgrades, repairs and Sales.

Removal of viruses and malware.

Server support, deployment and related services

Minimise your onsite hardware costs with a wide range of subscription-based productivity software and services.

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