Flat fee service contract details

What IS Covered

Our flat fee service contract details:


A detailed system inventory of hardware, software and network configuration.

Unlimited Telephone Support

You will receive a return call within 1 hour in most cases during regular business hours.

Unlimited Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support revolutionizes the way we deliver technical help to our customers. For instance, when you call in for assistance, we can take control of your computer, once you give us permission. Thus providing you with fast, easy and secure support services. Note: As with any remote service, security is a factor. For example, we encrypt and authenticate all communications between us and your network. Therefore allowing safe and effective monitoring to take place. Ultimately without any compromise in the safety and security of your network. We will install the necessary software on your PCs. Thus allowing us to remotely access your individual PCs and servers securely.

Unlimited On-Site Support

We will come to your location in accordance with the urgency of the problem. Ordinarily we will provide On-site support after remote and telephone support services are unsuccessful. If we cannot resolve a problem remotely, we will come to your location. To point out, do be aware that we prioritize our response time for on-site support based on the nature of the problem.

Proactive Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance will be done to ensure that the network is running correctly. And to fix any low level issues your network may be having.

Microsoft Security Patch Management

With attention to the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft. For both the Windows operating system and Microsoft software. In general, we will monitor and maintain the patch update process from a centrally managed platform.

Computer System Tune-Up

Are any of your PCs acting sluggish? Do you have to reboot your computer because of errors and lockups? We will perform a checkup and various diagnostics to tweak your systems. And get them running at peak performance again.

File Sharing Permission and Administration

We will work with you to determine the correct file structure for your business. This will include helping you develop a file storage system and enabling end user access rights. We assist end users in administering this system and protecting critical corporate data.

Diagnostics/Health Monitoring

Our computer diagnostics software diagnoses key points of your computer health. And provides a detailed report of your computer to us. This report includes information about the computer’s hardware: (processor, memory, hard drives,  monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, system board devices). So that we can provide you with support tailored to your specific computer.

Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, and Update

We’ll monitor and manage all aspects of the desktop and server anti-virus software. Which will keep your computers protected from the latest Internet risks. So that you can feel assured about the safety and integrity of your information. Should a virus be detected on one of your desktops, we will ensure that the issue is resolved.

Backup Monitoring and Administration

To point out, your knowledge and corporate history are one of your biggest assets. We will assess your backup needs and make recommendations on how to best protect your business. With a robust backup regimen in place we will monitor and maintain your backup on a daily basis. As well as, ensure that daily jobs are running and will monitor logs and investigate critical errors. Additionally, we perform monthly tests of the backups at our premises to ensure the integrity of the backup.

User Account Administration

Adding or removing users from your network resources is a snap. By all means, just call us and we’ll take care of it for you.

ISP Management

For instance, problems with your Internet services? We’ll fight the layers of customer support bureaucracy on your behalf so you don’t have to. Furthermore, we also offer a full range of internet related products, such as ADSL/VDSL/Fibre, domain, email & web hosting. As well as a full range of cloud based services, focused on the Microsoft 365 platform from Microsoft.

Virtual CIO

Periodically we meet with the business owner to understand the functional requirements of the business. And help develop tactical and strategic technology plans to meet those requirements.

What IS NOT Covered in our flat fee service contract

On-Site Support – outside of Gauteng
For locations outside of Gauteng, we make use of approved partners if we are unable to remotely resolve a problem. With this in mind, additional costs will be for the customer’s account.

New System Development

We can develop new software and systems for you using the latest open source development tools. Excluding Such development in our flat rate support plan. However, what IS included, as indicated about in our “Virtual CIO” paragraph, is consultation about new systems you may need or desire.

Hardware and Software

In short, we will charge for any spare parts or commercial software required. If a repair requires the supplier or 3rd party to affect a repair this cost will apply. Usually, much of the software we use is either open source, freeware or under a license permitting its use for small numbers of systems. If you need software which does not fit in those categories. Ordinarily, we will research the most cost-effective commercial software to meet your needs.


Important to realize, training from this program is excluding. However, we can and do make suggestions to your end users about how to use their systems more effectively. While in the normal course of providing support.

Printers and Network Devices Repair Under Warranty or Contract

Printers and network devices such as copiers, routers, firewalls etc. which require service often must be serviced by authorized repair centers. However, we will forward these devices to authorized repair centers upon request. Or coordinate with authorized repair personnel on behalf of the client if desired. Any costs incurred by us related to these repairs will be charged to the client. In addition, our normal charges may apply to the diagnosis and transport of any such devices.

New Technology Roll Outs or Large Installations

For example, system wide installations of new printers, deployment of new software across all desktops. Or structured cabling of a building or office. Before proceeding with any work, we will need an agreement on the particulars of this type of service. At our discretion, a preliminary analysis may be provided free of charge. As part of our “Virtual CIO” component of our flat rate support program. Usually in some cases, we can perform these services within our flat rate support program. But we will decide that on a case-by-case basis.

Third Party Expenses

Any expenses incurring to third parties in the process of providing our flat fee service contract to you will be bill back to you. Or, in the case of expenses impacting our cash flow in our opinion, must be paid in advance or directly by you to the third party as appropriate.

CJN IT Solutions provides a complete IT solution:

Internet connections, domain, website and email hosting
Hardware and software upgrades, repairs and sales
Removal of viruses and malware
Server support, deployment and related services