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Why choose CJN IT Solutions as your preferred IT services and outsourcing partner?

– We provide IT outsourcing services, on-site as well as remotely.

Small and medium companies in the Pretoria and surrounding areas will benefit from using CJN IT Solutions IT outsourcing services with guaranteed same-day response.

For us to understand your business IT infrastructure, our first step will be to do an IT audit of your IT infrastructure, so we can provide you with the best possible outsourced IT support solution. We will then implement the solution and provide you with support and maintenance.

The reality is that the future of in-house IT is looking bleak. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage all the data, hardware and computing in-house and the fact that you are looking at outsourcing your IT shows that you have challenges with your current IT infrastructure. Therefore, many companies are looking for IT outsourcing companies to outsource their IT support.

IT Outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing IT to us

Cost and risk management:

IT managed services outsourcing can significantly reduce IT costs. Permanent staff can be costly and relying on individuals instead of an business to manage your IT environment has many risks. What will happen if you employ your own IT specialist and you do not have any technical background? How will you ensure that you have employed the right person for your business’ IT needs? Given these points, employing the wrong IT specialist could be a very costly mistake.
We will ensure that systems are in place to ensure peace of mind by outsourcing to us.

Access to expertise:

To point out, technology is constantly changing every year. And odds are that you don’t have a panel of experts to guide you through the rapid changes taking place. Another key point is that with CJN IT Solutions you will have access to skilled IT professionals. Including many years of experience. Our staff is consistently trained and updated regarding the latest products. Also ensuring they are able to offer the best support service possible.

Re-focus your priorities:

Outsourcing of IT lets you focus on what matters. Such as growing and supporting your business. When you handle your IT support internally, your focus is mostly divided on different technical issues. Rather than on running your business. Do you have a backup plan when your computer equipment is stolen? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Do you know how fast you will be able to get your business up and running after a disaster? IT support that is outsourced to us will give you complete peace of mind. As a matter of fact, we will be with you every step of the way. While ensuring IT adds value to your business and does not become another source of unwanted stress.

IT outsourcing services are provided at a fixed monthly fee. And we focus on the SME sector. Read more: IT support services

CJN IT Solutions provides a complete IT solution:

Internet connections, domain, website and email hosting.

Hardware and software upgrades, repairs and sales.

Removal of viruses and malware.

Server support, deployment and related services

Outsource IT support to us as we guarantee same-day response. Small and medium companies in Gauteng will benefit from using us. Call us today for a quote.

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